Corporate / Group Workdays

Encourage the Child, Heal the Horses, Strengthen the Family and Share the Message of Hope.

OVERVIEW: Workdays are scheduled events, coordinated between the Ranch and a company or organization (e.g., church youth group, Girl Scouts Troop, etc.) in which tasks are designated and assigned for participant teams of adults and/or children to accomplish to help the Ranch.

NOTE: Workdays are NON-RIDING Ranch experiences, although there are opportunities to engage with the horses during the event.

Program Goal: The aim of the experience is for the visiting group to help the Ranch accomplish tasks, and in the process build team camaraderie among the visiting organization while they learn about the Mission of the Ranch.  

Program Participants: Workday group participant numbers may range from a few (four or five) up to 30 or more individuals. These participants are organized by a Group Leader or Coordinator from their respective organization. This person is usually a manager or supervisor, and serves as the liaison to the Ranch Operations Director and their own participants regarding meet times and transportation, proper work apparel, lunch arrangements, workday duration and more.     

Program Duration: A Ranch Workday event may last from 2-4 hours (half day) to a full day, depending on the pre-arrangement of tasks, participants and structure of the event, accounting for such factors as weather and the types of activities undertaken.

 How to Get Started: Call or message the Ranch

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