Group Riding Sessions

Encourage the Child, Heal the Horses, Strengthen the Family and Share the Message of Hope.

OVERVIEW: Group Ranch Experience and Riding Sessions are scheduled events, coordinated between the ranch and an organization (e.g., BBBS, YMCA, 4H, American Heritage Girls, etc.) in which organization leaders bring their group to experience the Ranch and ride in the arena, led by our Ranch Staff Ride Leaders.

NOTE: All session riding is led by our Staff Leaders (no free riding) at Dare to Dream Youth Ranch, per insurance requirements.

Program Goal: The aim of the session is to immerse group participants in the Ranch experience, partaking in the chores of the ranch, learning about horses and getting to ride as a reward for their efforts.

Program Participants: Approximately 10-20 children 4-18, who are students or members of their groups or organizations, along with their group leaders and sponsors, who will help Ranch staff in keeping the experience focused. Depending on the group ages and composition, the experience is intended to:

  • Develop character and confidence
  • Develop love and respect for nature and animals
  • Share in the intrinsic reward of shared work and meaningful accomplishment
  • Increase knowledge and desire to learn about large animals
  • Expose underserved and at-risk children to an otherwise unattainable experience

Program Tasks: The experience is intended to immerse participants in a real ranch environment, surrounded by nature. During this experience, participants will be guided and supported by Ranch staff in a number of structured activities. Participants will work together to complete barn tasks that may include:

  • Stuffing hay bags
  • Feeding horses
  • Cleaning stalls
  • Sweeping and cleaning the barn
  • Cleaning paddocks
  • Filling water troughs
  • Grooming horses
  • Learning to tack/de-tack horses

How to Get Started: Call or message the Ranch, then fill out and send the Release Form, here.

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