Juvenile Community Service

Encourage the Child, Heal the Horses, Strengthen the Family and Share the Message of Hope.

Juvenile Community Service

OVERVIEW: The Ranch provides opportunities for youths needing to fulfill community service hours per the Allen County Sheriff’s Department. Participant youths’ parents or guardians coordinate with staff to come to the Ranch and perform tasks and chores alongside a designated Staff Volunteer with subsequent visits until community service time requirements are fulfilled.

NOTE: These community service engagements do not include horse riding, though participants have plenty of opportunity to engage with horses in other ways over the course of their required service.

Program Goal: The aim of the session is to provide youths performing community service to experience a new environment and new responsibilities, sharing in the chores of the ranch, learning about horses and gaining a new perspective.

Program Participants: Individual youths under 18 who have been sentenced to perform community service hours at the direction of the Allen County Sheriff’s Department. Community service at the Ranch is intended to:

  • Develop character and confidence
  • Develop love and respect for nature and animals
  • Fulfill community service requirements with caring mentors
  • Increase socialization skills and mutual accomplishment
  • Generate a positive outlook by performing meaningful work

Program Tasks: The program places the youth in a real ranch environment, surrounded by nature. During their time in service, the youth will be guided and supported by Ranch staff to work together to complete barn tasks that may include:

  • Stuffing hay bags
  • Stacking hay
  • Feeding horses
  • Cleaning stalls
  • Sweeping and cleaning the barn
  • Cleaning paddocks
  • Performing grounds upkeep and other assorted tasks

 How to Get Started: Call or message the Ranch

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